A project we started in June’20 which was planned to launch for Hacktoberfest but didn’t, was finally launched in Mar’21. Yay! Introducing to you — Scriptified.

Scriptified is your go-to curated newsletter which sends insightful weekly newsletters in your inbox covering numerous topics around JavaScript & React ecosystem.
Continue reading to know behind the scenes of building Scriptified & the interesting story of building a product from ideation to implementation.

🏁 How It Started

It all started with the scariest nightmare of any developer in the world — the 💥crash of their production app. …

What would you choose?

Everything you browse on the internet is contained in web pages. Those web pages accommodate content and that content needs a layout to fit itself in it. Nowadays, the technology has enabled us to browse the web on any screen dimension we wish for and your content should be responsive to any dimension we put forward. That’s where responsive layout design knocks the door.

CSS has always been used to design the layout and looking of web pages but producing complicated multi-column layouts has always been fiddly and hackish, and frustrating to get working consistently and precisely across browsers as…

Make your terminal lit 🔥.

You might have seen ASCII arts on your terminal like the ones below when installing a new module/library in your system. Some developers (or even you might have) configure a static ASCII art which appear when they open their terminal. But have you ever seen a GIF running in your Swiss Army knife like terminal? 👀 That would give life and a personality to your terminal!

Ayush Gupta

Mobile Frontend Engineer at Razorpay | Developer, Blogger, Amateur Photographer | ayushgupta.tech | Curating scriptified.dev

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